The Valley of the Butterflies

Τhe valley of butterflies is the most striking example of natural beauty of Rhodes. It is one of the most famous destinations, since it is a rare habitat that hosts an equally rare type of butterfly (Panaxia Quadripunctaria).

This butterfly does not live only in Rhodes, but also throughout the Mediterranean, Europe and West Asia. Rhodes has detected the largest population, but in Greece you can find them at Vioitia, Crete, Attiki and elsewhere.
The valley of butterflies is located near Theologos village. This valley is 6 km. long wit streams, pine trees, fig trees, colorful flowers and thousands of butterflies!
Lakes, shady paths, wooden bridges, and small waterfalls ... In the valley also thrives a rare type of tree, the "ygramvari", which probably explains the concentration of butterflies.

Near the top of the valley, there is a historic monastery that occupies an important place in the modern history of Rhodes. The monastery is dedicated to Panagia Kalopetra and is built by Alexander Ypsilanti in 1874 

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