• ALTITUDE: 160m.

Archangelos of Rhodes is located about 30 km away from Rhodes. The name derives from the patron of the village Archangel Michail.

It is important tourist resort and is the largest village of Rhodes. The village keeps its traditional graphic element, the narrow streets, colorful houses and local traditions, which perfectly blend with the modern lifestyle. The village has increased tourist visitors, despite the fact that it is built away from the sea.

The village is very popular for the Church of Archangel Michail, which dominates in the center of the village with its beautiful bell tower, which dates from 1845, and for the imposing ruins of the castle. In the area it is also worth visiting the cave of Koumellou with extraordinary stalactites. In the vicinity of the Archangel you can visit the New Monastery of Panagia Tsambika
In the Archangel region you will also find beautiful beaches, such as the stunning Tsambika with the golden sands. You have many nightlife options, food and accommodation.

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